The Monster Garden Controls:
Enter - Open Menu (In Garden)
Double Clicking a monster's name will spawn/de-spawn the monster in the garden.
Clicking on a summoned monster, or its name in the monster menu will open that monster's stat card.

In-game Controls:

W A S D - Move Characters/Free Camera
1, 2, and 3 - Switch Active Character
Shift (hold) - Activate Free Camera in mission
Enter - Pause Game
Left Click - Skill 1
Right Click- Skill 2

Use the Mission Menu to navigate various different challenges and attempt to make your way to the end of the stage in whatever way you see fit. The game will reward you differently based on different criteria such as completion speed, number of enemies defeated, damage taken, total resources collected, etc.

I've been working on a game project since the beginning of this year(2019) and now I can say with a bit of confidence that there's enough of a foundation to the game for me to show people. The game, just like it says in the title of this post is a monster collecting, bullet hellish platformer with some light rpg elements mixed in for good measure.

The main objective of the game is to collect orbs in order to strengthen your monsters, collect new monsters, and unlock new abilities for your monsters. Most of the game's content takes place in short missions and there is a hub world where you control a free camera and can watch all of your monsters freely roaming around on their own as well as boost their stats for the next mission.

In each mission, you can bring up to 3 monsters and switch between them freely. Each monster will have its own unique combination of abilities, stats, and many monsters will have different methods of movement (currently, there are walking, flying, and swimming monsters. Though the swimming monsters are not featured in any of the available content as of the writing of this post) Using a good combination of monsters and a proper strategy is the best way to get the maximum results out of any individual mission run.

Each monster can be strengthened in an attribute based system rather than a single level based system. You can level up each stat for a monster individually and their stats will affect both their power in combat against other monsters as well as their movement and jumping/flying ability in areas of intense platforming.

There is an early demo version of the game available for anyone who is interested to play on my website:

I'm currently looking for a group of people who wouldn't mind volunteering to play test the new content that I'm creating for the game. If you're interested in play testing new content for my game, there's a link to my discord group on my website's homepage, just under the game. Just join that group and let me know you want to test the game!

Development log