The objective of the game is to run through the dungeon and find the alternately colored staircase to exit the dungeon. The farther you go, the harder the enemies become and the greater the rewards.

This is a little game I made with a small team for the Collect-a-Friend game jam. I hope you enjoy! I didn't get to finish it nearly as much as I wanted to but I'm still happy with what I finished in the time allotted.

WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
Left/Right Mouse - Skill 1/2
Space - Pick up item/Open Treasure chest
Shift - Drop Bomb
Esc./Enter - Pause Menu
Backspace - Hide UI

Double click an item to remove it while paused.

Held items cannot be used in the dungeon and will be lost if you are defeated or give up your exploration.


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Stolen sprites from Zelda. Trash.

How do I enter a dungeon though?