WASD - Move Character
1,2,3,4 - Switch Character (once unlocked)
Space - Action
Shift - Interact/Dialogue

Your friends, your treasures, and your snacks are all gone! Scattered about on this mysterious island and you've got to find them!

Once you find your friends, work together and find ways to traverse the island that you previously couldn't. Knowing the best time to use your party members is key to surviving the dangerous challenges of the island!


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At the part with the pretzel in the staircase, all the grey ground is pass-through for some reason. I fell out of the stage and got stuck there forever.

Thanks for pointing that out! I'm putting this in with the rest of the fixes that will come out once the voting is over!

save doesn't work. (but I hope that this is already in the blocked-till-voting patched version)

The save should be working fine, it just doesn't give any notification that anything has actually happened at the moment. I can include that in the new version, but if you click save then come back and load game, it should work just fine

I've tried saving at least three times, but every time reloading the page and selecting LOAD GAME resulted in the game putting me at the start of the game without any of the buddies I had saved.

can't see how much flight-charge the fire-elemental has left, makes one either
A. waste way too much time on letting the
guy rest
B. rest too little and have the guy sink into spikes and wt not.

Secondly, one would expect a fire-elemental to not be hurt by fire.

entered an area I wasn't ready for that doesn't let me leave and new game doesn't put me back at the start of the gameentered an area I wasn't ready for that doesn't let me leave and had to reload just to get NEW GAME to do its job.

Oh man... I knew there was something I was forgetting. Whoops... what an embarrassing mistake lol.

I just patched it, as well as a few other bugs I saw pop up, but I won't be able to upload any changes until the voting is over. Sorry about that...